We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 15 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. All classes are first-come, first-served, so please show up 10-15 minutes early.

Reservations for classes can be made for an entire 8-week session ($145-$155), or as a one-time drop-in ($20, unless otherwise noted).


Chair Play

Tila Von Twirl

Mondays, 3/4 - 4/22
7:15pm - 8:15pm

Over 8 weeks students will learn how to navigate and incorporate chair dance and chair balance for fun and/or performance.  We will focus on appropriate warm up,  basic dance and prop incorporation, fun tricks, creating what works for you and most importantly safety!  Shoes are an option but comfortable, moveable clothing is a must!

Stretch & Strength

Dahlia Fatale

Tuesdays, 3/5 - 4/23
7:15 - 8:15pm

Are you ready to limber up? Come stretch your body in ways you never before thought possible. This class will put you in touch with familiar muscles, and introduce you to new ones in a warm, encouraging environment that allows students to push their limits safely and effectively. As we stretch, we will also discuss injury prevention and bending as it pertains to dance, performance and daily function. Each week we will explore a different part of the body ranging from upper backs and shoulders to hips, thighs and even feet. We will work on clean lines, simple tricks and expanding range of motion. There is no flexibility prerequisite for this class, those who can't touch their toes will get just as much out of it as those who can sit on their own heads.  

Burlesque 101

Camille Leon

Wednesdays, 3/6 - 4/24
7:15pm - 8:15pm

Find your inner burlesque ingenue! In this 8 week class, you’ll be introduced to the classic art of the tease. Through movement exercises and classic choreography, you’ll learn the bump and grind, isolations, and how to shimmy shake like the best of them. Recommended for beginner burlesquers and those looking to brush up on the classics, this class give you the opportunity to learn the foundations and history that have shaped the art form into what it is today. 

Rock n Roll Burlesque

Lilly Rascal

Thursdays, 3/7 - 4/25
7:15pm - 8:15pm

Wanting to add some sass to your bump and grind? Using classic technique and badass attitude, you'll learn burlesque movement, stage presence, body confidence and a fierce routine that will leave you empowered and ready to kick some ass! Bring heels or boots and wear clothes to move in.


Burlesque Choreo & FloorWERK

Midnite Martini

Mondays, 3/4 - 4/22
8:30pm - 9:30pm

Shake it up and grind it down with Queen of Burlesque Miss Exotic World 2014 Midnite Martini! 

Midnite will take guide you through an active warm-up to get those all those burlesque muscles heated up and strengthened. Then you will practice some simple dance techniques, including the tricky but oh so sensual floorwork and transitions. These are sure to make any person with two-left feet look like a dancer onstage. 

Each week you will learn and build upon a sassy and fun choreographed routine to take with you to the stage or the bedroom. Plus you'll hear some of her trade secrets, burlesque mantras, and general striptease suggestions sprinkled in along the way. 

Kneepads and legwarmers encouraged. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or newbie, get ready to bump, shimmy, and embrace your inner burlesque diva!

You’re Such a Smart Act

Bazuka Joe

Tuesdays, 3/5 - 4/23
8:30pm - 9:30pm

“You’re Such a Smart Act” is a half lecture - half physical, one-hour class that focuses on key components of musicality and choreographic theory as they relate to building sophisticated striptease acts. Students should come prepared to take notes as well as physically practice each new concept learned.  Variations can be made to accommodate physical limitations. 

Participants will learn choreographic devices that they can put in their ‘toolbox’ for use in creating clever, layered burlesque routines.

The WERQshop: Fierce Cabaret Choreography

Willy LaQueue

Wednesdays, 3/6 - 4/24
8:30pm - 9:30pm

Ready to up your fierceness? Step into Willy LaQueue’s WERQshop and get ready to sweat! Willy infuses his signature sex-soaked intricate hip hop choreography style into a brand new burlesque-inspired dance class. Each week students learn a new piece of choreography that is both challenging and fun, vulnerable and sassy, intimate and confidence-boosting. All levels welcomed, dance experience recommended. Wear clothing you can move in that makes you feel incredible. Kneepads encouraged, as floorwork can always happen! Keep an eye on Willy LaQueue on social media for updates about class details like songs, inspirations, and props!