Secrets of Stage Presence with Jett Adore (Session 3)

Secrets of Stage Presence with Jett Adore (Session 3)

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LIMITED, 5-WEEK ENGAGEMENT: 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/7

What is the X-Factor that makes a performer breathtakingly compelling? What is Stage Presence and how do you achieve it? How can you embody an energy that captivates the entire theater and how do you create acts with epic impact? As a group and individually, Jett will guide you through improvisational workshop techniques he has developed from his actor's perspective to inspire creating, rehearsing, and performing, to draw out the superstar within you. He will demystify the concept of Stage Presence and transform it into concrete tools that he will teach you how to use and control. Unlock the tools to combat self-consciousness and stage fright and learn about Jett’s concepts of "Active Intention" and his “Five S’s of Burlesque”, vital components of achieving the full potential of your own star quality.

Although walk-ins to any of the five workshop classes are welcome, please understand that this course is progressive and designed to be attended in its entirety, with the first class setting up the foundational techniques upon which the following classes will build. Much can be learned from any of the individually-focused classes; however, the impact of Jett's techniques, processes , and exercises has much greater potential when the entire course is experience progressively.

Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring note-taking materials and plenty of childlike playfulness.

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