Exploring Masculinity in Burlesque with Jett Adore

Exploring Masculinity in Burlesque with Jett Adore



SATURDAY, 7/27, 1:30 - 3:00 PM

This workshop welcomes gentleman performers and potentially aspiring performers, as well as ladies and all genders who wish to explore masculine shades in their performance and/or process. How can a burlesque performer work to create a truly male counterpart to this historically feminine art form? How can we balance playfulness, elaborate theatricality, comedy, drama, and/or clever inventiveness, while invoking legitimate masculine sex appeal? The most captivating ladies of Burlesque history have defined their own ideas of femininity, and Jett will propose ways to find inspiration from them and workshop how to translate that inspiration to exploit, exaggerate, challenge, and re­imagine masculinity and seductive manpower. You will be guided through exercises to stimulate interpretations of masculinity from stereotypes to the extraordinary, thereby empowering the vitally important process of twisting male gender roles in ways you never imagined. Please bring note­-taking materials and a childlike sense of play.

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